Few things conjure carefree vibes like the words “young,” “yesterday,” and “skateboard,” so mathematically speaking the video for “As Young As Yesterday,” which focuses on one juvenile skateboarder gliding his troubles away, is the most relaxing thing to happen to you all day. It is also black-and-white and rather uneventful. The becalming song, which comes from Swedish Balearic bliss merchants Korallreven’s excellent 2011 LP An Album By Korallreven, is by Korallreven, and it is lovely. All this skateboarding reminds of that time that one bro was reminding you always just to have a good time, which it seems our skater here is not having a hard time doing.

An Album By Korallreven is out via Acéphale.

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  1. Ok…while this is good it really highlights some frustration I’ve been having with the music that’s been churned out the past few years. Loads of synth and dreamy vocals do not make a creative and original song. It’s now easier than ever to record your own near-professional quality music so where is the creativity?

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