The Gummy Awards: Your Top 10 Tracks Of 2011

Today we begin rolling out the results of this year’s Gummy Awards: The only set of lists which are perfectly impervious to comment section backlash as they are voted upon by you, the esteemed Shut Up, Dude/Monsters’ Ball electorate. Up first is 2011′s Top 10 Tracks. The results may shock you! And they may not! It depends on how you voted, really. In any event, the ten-track spread fairly reflects the guitar/pop/rap/Del Rey year we had. Here we go:

10. Radiohead – “Lotus Flower

9. James Blake – “The Wilhelm Scream

8. Tyler, The Creator – “Yonkers

7. Adele – “Someone Like You

6. Girls – “Vomit

5. St. Vincent – “Cruel

4. Lana Del Rey – “Video Games

3. Fleet Foxes – “Helplessness Blues

2. Bon Iver – “Holocene

1. M83 – “Midnight City

Congratulations on your victory, M83! More like Hurry Up, We’re WINNING. And stuff.

Stay tuned for more ’Gum readers’ poll results in the Best New Act, Best Music Video, Best Album, Indie Rock Crush, Best Movie, Best TV Show, and Best Viral Video categories. We’ll leave you with the list in text form, for your copying and pasting pleasure:
10. Radiohead – “Lotus Flower”
09. James Blake – “The Wilhelm Scream”
08. Tyler, The Creator – “Yonkers”
07. Adele – “Someone Like You”
06. Girls – “Vomit”
05. St Vincent – “Cruel”
04. Lana Del Rey – “Video Games”
03. Fleet Foxes – “Helplessness Blues”
02. Bon Iver – “Holocene”
01. M83 – “Midnight City”

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  1. Is Vomit really everyone’s favorite track that album? I think Alex and Die are much better songs, or at least a lot more fun to listen to. Probably Honey Bunny, too.

  2. Glad “Cruel” made it

  3. Weird. 311 didn’t make the list.

  4. My vote did not make it, but I really had no hope for Trash Talk cracking the top 10 to begin with haha

  5. I’m actually in agreement with most of this list.

  6. List needs more niggas in paris

  7. Yea, this list is much better than the stereogums album list. Not how I would do it, I think Battles – Ice Cream needs to be on here somewhere, as well as 1 or 2 others, but not bad.

  8. well it looks like my vote for A.D.H.D. by Kendrick Lamar didn’t really help.

  9. This is a great list, and although I would prefer if Real Estate’s Green Aisles made it over Video Games, it is still pretty agreeable.

  10. This is a great list, indeed.

    I do hope someone else thinks “Sleep Forever” by Portugal. The Man deserves some list action.

  11. This list disappointed me for two main reasons. 1) None of these people were ever Gumby. And second of all, the #2 Gumby is probably Pokey. This list is wrong, all wrong.

    • This guy is the number 1 gumby for sure

    • The year-end reader poll is never really a good indication of the good music that the writers put forth in front of us throughout the year. All their efforts in covering Bands to Watch and other sorts of deep digging — out the door, and replaced by a popularity contest between whomever got their name out the most in the press this year.

      Scott, Amrit, Tom and Corban, I’m sorry to inform you that even by delivering each Lana Del Rey report with a bit of backhand, you’ve managed to turn readers into actual fans of her music. Nice job, guys. Really nice fucking job…

      • It is pretty condescending to assume that everyone except for you decides their favorite songs based on availability instead of thorough listening and some thought. Maybe people just like the song. Gorilla vs. Bear has “Video Games” a place higher than this list, and I don’t think that’s because they saw a few live clips of her on Stereogum.

        • I can respect anyone’s personal tastes, but my point is that the list above reads like a bunch of songs that would appear on “Now That’s What I Call Mainstream Indie!” compilation. Not all the best songs that were released this year were singles. I just think people should take more effort and time to explore the non-single tracks, because as the first comment here notes, “Vomit” wasn’t really the best track off Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

          • If that were true, where’s “Pumped Up Kicks”?

          • I can’t reply on Stephen’s comment for some reason, but I’m pretty sure that “Pumped Up Kicks” came out in 2010.

          • awww you got me

          • Michael_,

            EXACTLY!!! “Yonkers” aside, and considering the fact that I don’t listen to Adele or LDR, I can pick a song that I personally like more from every album from which 1-10 derive, especially M83 (Steve McQueen is better in my opinion, but opinions are like assholes).

            I like your style Michael_, plus we have the best name on the planet, so that’s just an added bonus. I’m just sad “( )” by The Men didn’t make it, or “Bataille,” or anything from Leave Home.

            “I Mind” blows “Willhems Scream” out of the water in my opinion, but my opinion doesn’t really matter. “The Shrine / An Argument” is also the most “experimental” FF have ever gotten, so that would be my pick from Helplessness Blues (thought I think “The Shrine” is now a single).

            Anyway, I’ll end on that note.

          • Yes, you’re right, but remember that this isn’t an objective (or even subjective) compilation of the best songs of 2011, but just a song popularity contest. So it’s no surprise that the more mainstream indie songs appear on this list, because the “good” obscure bands are less popular than the mainstream bands (!) Similarly, lead tracks and singles will be more popular than “better” album tracks

            I’ll sit here and talk to you all day about how Pure X’s Pleasure is by far the greatest release of this year, but for each such fanatic for an obscure band, you could find twenty people willing to argue the same for M83, Bon Iver, Girls and so on.

            I agree wholeheartedly that this list is an amazing summation of the year, and looking at it in ten years time I could say “oh yeah, that was what made 2011,” even though I would only have Wilhelm in my personal top ten.

  12. god, every time i see that cover…thank you, evil jim henson, for the nightmare

  13. i voted for “july” by youth lagoon…the climax is epic

    • if i’d never let go then only god knows where i would be now
      i made a bridge between us then i slowly burnt it
      5 yrs ago, in my backyard i sang love away
      little did i know, that real love had not quite yet found me…….

      gets me every time

  14. I really love Baby Missiles by War on Drugs – my happy tune of the year!

  15. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  16. This year I couldn’t get enough of that track “Pleasure Moans” by Your Mom.

  17. that’s a kick-ass Top 10.

  18. Although none of these songs are in my top 10 I very much like what is on this list. A strong year for singles.

  19. This means I’m on the same page as other stereogum folk. Sweet!

  20. Lists like this make me so proud of the internet’s collective musical intellect. So much so that I finally registered for a stereogum account just so I could send all you gummy voters some digital love. Aw. Nicely done, you.

  21. This was surprisingly similar to my top ten which caught downvotes on one of the other threads but maybe people just don’t like lists being posted. Anyway, the crucial difference was that I had M83 at number 2 and Azealia Banks’ – 212 at number one, simply because I couldn’t stop listening to it.

  22. I had completely forgotten about Tyler, The Creator until I saw this.

  23. Well done, ‘Gum.

  24. Yes. I am Thom Yorke on a Unicorn.

  25. Christ “someone like you” isn’t even the best Adele song released this year.

  26. this list is so gorgeously guessable. Perfectly predictable. Very good summation!

  27. Couldn’t agree more with #1 and 2! M83 made the album of the year in my opinion…

  28. I gotta say this is a pretty good list. Pat on the back to stereogum readers.

  29. good list. i do like “intro” a bit more but the whole album is great.

  30. Humbug, no love for ‘Amor Fati’. That was my 2K11 jam hands down.

  31. really becomes irrelevant when you think of all the songs influenced by my boy JC. Timeless, unlike this ‘filth’.

  32. Riding for the Feeling by Bill Callahan is one of the best songs this year. Certainly better than any of the songs on that list.

  33. Just saw the Pitchfork list. Way to go, gang! We got the first two right!

  34. psh, a barely top 30 album gets a top 10 song?? And who even ARE ‘the radio heads??’ fucking new bands…(wah wahhhhhh)

  35. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  36. How does it feel to match up so well with Pitchfork?

  37. Same top 2 as Pitchfork

  38. No Gauntlet Hair songs? “Keep Time” is so fucking good.

  39. I actually can’t really complain. It’s what I would expect this list to look like. It doesn’t add the occasional hip/different choice to spice things up. It just makes sense. I like it. Nice work everyone.

  40. I’m a little surprised that Tune-Yards didn’t make it, but overall It’s good!

  41. MG][/IMG]

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