Azari & III - "Reckless With Your Love"

This time of year, things in the musicverse tend to slow way down, and not too many people unveil their music videos. But in the past week, a few of them did anyway. Here are five of those:

1. Azari & III – “Reckless With Your Love” (Dir. George Vale & Alphonse Alixander Lanza III)

This ebulliently bouncy piece of prime old-school Chicago-style house was already pretty celebratory, so a moody video wouldn’t have done here. Instead, the clip turns out to be a dizzy pansexual wonderland with a whole lot of dancing, and that is exactly as it should be. In some other, more enlightened alternate reality, we get an hour of this on prime-time TV every Friday.

2. Lana Del Rey – “Born To Die” (Dir. Woodkid)

For the walking grand guignol comments-section flame-war that Lana Del Rey has become, those hazy, pouty clips with the found TMZ footage weren’t going to cut it anymore. She needed tigers and makeouts and car crashes, and here she gets all three in a dizzily glacial pileup of self-conscious trashiness. And for once, the release of a music video, in these waning days of 2011, felt like an event.

3. Don Trip – “Lawyer” (Dir. ?)

Bad acting, zero budget, not-great cinematography. But it’s all there in Trip’s eyes; his just-got-arrested face is about the most believable I’ve ever seen in a rap video. Trip’s risen to the top of the Memphis rap underground because of a certain guttural intensity, and it’s great to see that he can bring that to the screen as well as the speakers.

4. Thieving Irons – “So Long” (Dir. Micah Van Hove)

Somebody attempts to smoke a cigarette underwater, and for some reason, I find that just ridiculously entertaining.

5. Meek Mill – “House Party” (Feat. Young Chris) (Dir. Dre Films)

This excellent slow-burn rap cult hit should’ve had a video weeks ago, and it should’ve probably been better than this one. Still, a perfectly fun drunken-revelry rap video, with bonus points for silliness. When a couple of hardcore rappers do the Kid N’ Play kick-step dance, I’m always going to enjoy it.

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  1. …and then the new Arcade Fire video came out 5 minutes after you had finalized this post.

  2. I feel terribly out of touch not getting the Lana Del Rey thing. I’m finding it hard to do much other than wait and see. She hasn’t bowled me over so far but I don’t have any vitriol for her. Can someone from either side of the argument elucidate your thoughts on this?

  3. Are these really the Best 5 Videos cause i’m pretty sure i’ve seen better video than these…i mean Meek mills…really…really…SMH

  4. LDR just seems like the latest Tori Amos incantation. I like the quality of her voice, but not necessarily her imagination. This stuff is sort of 15 years ago. If she wasn’t a pin-up, she’d have come and gone already. Not to be crass about it, but what else is she really bringing?

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