Maybe you’re still absorbing Ghosts and “Discipline” (and no longer absorbing NiggyTardust!, or however you spell it), but if you head on over to you’ll find a note from Trent — who must be taking a break from all his CD signing — explaining his newest venture in free-ness, The Slip LP:

as a thank you to our fans for your continued support, we are giving away the new nine inch nails album one hundred percent free, exclusively via

the music is available in a variety of formats including high-quality MP3, FLAC or M4A lossless at CD quality and even higher-than-CD quality 24/96 WAVE. your link will include all options – all free. all downloads include a PDF with artwork and credits.

for those of you interested in physical products, fear not. we plan to make a version of this release available on CD and vinyl in july. details coming soon.

We sent for the MP3 version this AM. “Discipline” is track four of ten. It’s mostly Trent rock with a few ambient, moody, and piano moments. It has vocals. “Letting You” is an early, frenetic favorite. Oh, also for those of you interested in physical products — there are some live actions as well.

07/25 – Pemberton, BC @ Pemberton Festival
07/26 – Seattle, WA @ Key Arena
07/28 – Edmonton, AB @ Rexall Place
07/29 – Calgary, AB @ Pengrowth Saddledome
07/31 – Winnipeg, MB @ MTS Centre
08/02 – Minneapolis, MN @ Target Center
08/03 – Chicago, IL @ Grant Park – Lollapalooza Festival
08/05 – Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre
08/07 – Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun Arena
08/08 – Worcester, MA @ DCU Center
08/10 – Baltimore, MD @ Pimlico Race Course – V Festival
08/12 – Knoxville, TN @ Knoxville Civic Coliseum
08/13 – Duluth, GA @ Gwinnett Arena
08/15 – Oklahoma City, OK @ Ford Center
08/16 – Houston, TX @ Toyota Center
08/18 – Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center
08/20 – St. Louis, MO @ Scottrade Center
08/22 – Cleveland, OH @ Quicken Loans Arena
08/23 – Auburn Hills, MI @ The Palace of Auburn Hills
08/27 – East Rutherford, NJ @ Izod Center
08/29 – Philadelphia, PA @ Wachovia Center
08/31 – Lexington, KY @ Rupp Arena
09/02 – Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheater
09/03 – Salt Lake City @ E Center
09/05 – Oakland, CA @ Oracle Arena
09/06 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Forum

Wonder how Trent will find a way to give shows away for free. And maybe he can do our grocery shopping as well.

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  1. Les  |   Posted on May 5th, 2008 0

    Talk about oversaturation.

  2. Ballzy McBallzerson mr. reznor… i like it.

  3. Michael  |   Posted on May 5th, 2008 0

    I wasn’t that huge of a NIN fan until Trent started doing this stuff. He has my full attention now. It’s cool to wake up and find that an entire album by a great artist has come out and available within seconds. Along those same lines, that’s another reason why I love Bradford Cox’s blog because he’s always posting EPs or tracks for you to download.

  4. I’m not the biggest NIN fan by any means, but hey, I’m not one to argue with free, legally obtained music. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

    Having said that, if it’s any good, i’ll probably end up getting it on vinyl too.

  5. Big NIN/Reznor fan here and so far I like this new album better than his last 3 albums (with teeth, year zero, ghosts) which I wasn’t as into. Some really interesting stuff here. Highly recommended.

  6. kidacomputerok  |   Posted on May 5th, 2008 0

    *Yawn.* Am I the only one who’d rather spend $15 on the new Silver Jews’ album than spend the time it would take to download and listen to this album for free? And is it me, or does it look like he’s ripping off “Remain In Light” with the album cover?

    • how does it resemble that cover? that’s stretching it a bit.

    • what does that have to do with anything? i’d rather churn out $15 for, say, a new elvis costello album (which i did last week) than download this for free, too, but that’s not even a related concept. that’s like saying, “dude, who cares if there’s a new radiohead album? i want a new david bowie album instead!”

      if you don’t like nine inch nails, don’t download it. simple as that. the fact that trent reznor is literally giving his music away and not asking anything in return is awesome, and that’s a preposterous thing to complain about.

  7. Damn kidacomputerok! You must be a lazy fat american fuck!

    but seriously, you actually found a reason to complain about free music with an interesting new way of delivering it to fans

  8. “your download link will arrive momentarily”

    How long is momentarily?

    • they are spacing out the emails so a huge number of people won’t crash the site. just give it some time, it will show up. I had to wait about 20 minutes earlier this morning, some I heard waited a little longer.

  9. NIN – The Slip

    1) 999,999 – Crap!
    2) 1,000,000 – Jam
    3) Letting You – Crap!
    4) Discipline – Jam
    5) Echoplex – Jam
    6) Head Down – Crap!
    7) Lights In The Sky – Crap!
    8) Corona Radiata – Crap!
    9) The Four of Us Are Dying – Crap!
    10) Demon Seed – Jam

    Jam To Crap Score: 4/30 – *13.3%*

  10. steve  |   Posted on May 5th, 2008 0

    So just becasue it’s free we can’t critize it?

    70% of the music I listen to is free anyway.

    • ooo  |   Posted on May 5th, 2008 0

      Huh? What does that even mean?

      1. seventy percent of the time you listen to the radio?
      2. your music collection consists of this album, In Rainbows, and one other album that you bought?
      3. you confuse the word “Free” with “Stolen”
      4. you make the majority of the music you listen to with a washboard, a bucket, and a whistle.

      • steve  |   Posted on May 7th, 2008 0

        I download music legally,

      • steve  |   Posted on May 7th, 2008 0

        I download music illegally

        • that makes it free FOR YOU, but not for anyone who cares about giving back to the artists. and say what you want about people having their heads up their asses or whatever, i do care: my dad, as well as many other people i know, couldn’t have continued making music if it weren’t for the support of his audience. if you really care about the music you’re listening to, you would give back every once in a while.

          for the record, i do download albums… to see if i like them. beyond that point, i decide whether or not i will buy them.

  11. The placement of the red on the face reminds me of “Remain In Light”. No one else thinks that?

  12. You can criticize it all you want but it’s dumb to say “Bah, I don’t want to download this!” Just don’t download it/comment on it if you don’t care, simple as that. That’s why I don’t post in CSS threads, because their music is terrible.

  13. I’m so confused at why Kidacomputerok keeps bringing up “Remain in Light”. I see absolutely no connection in the cover art. None at all. And love it or hate it, if your popularity is waning and you want to win new fans, you give away a free album online. It becomes big news, and people that would never buy your album will download it, and maybe 10% of them will end up becoming fans. Maybe you lose some money at first, but if one out of every 50 people end up buy half of Trent’s backcatalog it will more than make up for the loss.

  14. b.LOUD  |   Posted on May 5th, 2008 0

    For Trent to criticize Radiohead and then do the same thing, regardless of the “pay want you want vs. free” debate ……… you can’t escape that irony. With that said …… the new album kicks ass!

  15. matt  |   Posted on May 5th, 2008 0

    b.LOUD, Trent criticized Radiohead for offering a below average sound quality of the download release of in rainbows which forced fans to buy the physical product.

    Trent has offered the highest quality possible here.

  16. drew  |   Posted on May 6th, 2008 0

    Kidacomputerok said the same thing about the startling similarity between Phil Colins’ “No Jacket Required” (his favorite album) and “Remain in Light”.

  17. Ethan  |   Posted on May 6th, 2008 0

    To be fair, NIN’s logo was inspired by “Remain in Light”. (

  18. Lethe  |   Posted on Jun 24th, 2008 0

    This is great for those of us who don’t have much money and can’t afford to buy a lot of new albums. I wish more artists would do this. I love free, legal music – that’s what brought me to Stereogum in the first place – and I can’t complain about any artist who makes such a generous gesture.

  19. Songs from our catalog have been played by hundreds of radio stations and podcasters worldwide and it didn’t cost them a penny, in return we got exposure and promotion…..sounds like a good deal to me, that’s why many of our tracks have been released under a creative commons license and are free to download. So what if you lose out on lost sales, you gain more in the long term by increasing your fan base (If you can survive that long)

    With such an overcrowded market place giving away your music is essential in my opinion. The biggest problem for emerging indie artists today is obscurity, not piracy. To find out more listen to The Antiqcool Podcast

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