The Michigan producer Zach Saginaw, who released his EP Lineage earlier this year, has remixed Sufjan Stevens’s The Age Of Adz track “Futile Devices,” doubling down on the track’s tingly prettiness by adding Dilla-derived bass-clouds and IDM clicks. His tweaks highlight the track’s shy melody rather than overwhelming it, which is a rare thing indeed in a remix like this. Download Shigeto’s version below.

Lineage is out now on Ghostly International.

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  1. Sometimes remixes can be god-awful train-wrecks. This, clearly, does not apply. Well fucking done.

  2. my favorite thing about this song was the lack of percussion…
    that said though, this is aweeeessssooomeeee

  3. This is a fantastic remix. I really love how he does not obscure or takes over the song, but instead adds to it with the IDM clicks. Awesome, just awesome.

  4. Wow, Harry Potter can make a damn good remix.

  5. This is a phenomenal remix. Shigeto has been on point lately.

    But what the hell are “Dilla-derived bass-clouds?” Since the man is no longer alive and the indie kids have made him producer du jour, people are throwing out “Dilla” for everything and it doesn’t even mean anything or make sense. It appears as though many bloggers who compare music to Dilla’s have never actually listened to Dilla’s work.

    Some bedroom producer makes a beat? “Dilla!” they write.
    A remix of a folk song with synthetic drums added? “Dilla!” they write.

    Be more discerning if you’re going to relate a piece of music to J Dilla. You’re just cheapening the music he made.


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