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  • Silent Diane @ Cheer Up Charlie's (True Panther) 3/17/12
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Silent Diane @ Cheer Up Charlie's (True Panther) 3/17/12

Generally, Wednesday is when the music things get going in Austin, and Tuesday is the changeover between the SXSW festival’s Interactive portion, and the full-force band fare. And yet there were bands a plenty last night. “Tuesday is the new Wednesday,” is something we heard someone say. Tragically, that person was taken out to an alley shortly thereafter and beaten senselessly. RIP, guy! We had our fleet of photographers — Pooneh Ghana, Linda Flores, and Trent Maxwell amongst them — taking in sets, and we hit some ourselves. In the gallery above you’ll find photos, with the accompanying reviews (where applicable) listed as captions. Tuesday’s pics include Santigold, POND, Schoolboy Q, Light Asylum, Don Trip, Daniel Johnston, and more. Please enjoy!

UPDATE: Wednesday’s additions to the gallery include Danny Brown, Friends, Cloud Nothings, Trash Talk, Amen Dunes, Wavves, and many more.

UPDATE: Thursday’s additions to the gallery include Girls, Lil Wayne, Black Hippy, Zola Jesus, Big K.R.I.T., SBTRKT, War On Drugs and many more.

UPDATE: Friday’s additions to the gallery include Best Coast, Skrillex, Free Energy, Spank Rock, The-Dream and many more.

UPDATE: Saturday’s additions to the gallery include Rick Ross, ASAP Rocky, Bleached, Ceremony, Tanlines, Diplo, Darkside and more.

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  1. I could see Built to Spill a thousand times, and it wouldn’t get old. I wished they could have played longer, but one of the nice things about a band going on late at SXSW is that all the freaks who just showed up to drink, text, make the place super-crowded, and lean up against you are too tired to stick around, and you get to enjoy your band as they head toward the exits.

  2. I’m glad Stereogum is just choosing to do a photo diary rather than full-on written reviews each day. I never understood why I would want to read a review of a live show when I wasn’t there to experience it first hand (unless something newsworthy happened during the set.) Without YouTube clips to back the review up, the words are useless. Sure, you can seek out the product much like you do for albums, songs, movies and food to put the review to the test, but each live show has a different outcome depending on outside factors such as the setting, sound quality of the venue, crowd type and so on. Anyhow, good on ‘Gum for just giving us things to look at so we can make up our own stories.

    Sidenote, I didn’t think it was possible but Twitter just got incredibly annoying this week due to SXSW. It’s like watching all the bands, music labels and sites I follow suddenly take on narcissistic personas like annoying Facebook “friends.” Damian from Fucked Up said it best when he tweeted “Twitter is the worst when you aren’t at SXSW. I DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN AUSTIN, I’m stuck out here in the real world.”

  3. ““Tuesday is the new Wednesday,” is something we heard someone say. Tragically, that person was taken out to an alley shortly thereafter and beaten senselessly. RIP, guy. ”


  4. Wow, that Star Slinger show looked pretty rockin’ (Photo 6)

  5. Wait, how did Consequence of Sound nab a lineup as solid as they did when other sites like Pitchfork and this here Stereogum could only grab a few well-known names with some lesser-knowns? (Disclaimer: I don’t hold that site up in very well regard. I once applied as a writer for their site years ago and the “CEO” kept asking me to submit samples, citing that he “felt the transitions were lacking and a few points were crammed together.” One by one, slightly amended variations of the samples started getting posted on their site — but no credit given to me. When I questioned this after this became obvious and I was again asked for what had to be the 8th or 9th sample, the “CEO” got all Mark Zuckerberg evil flipped his switch and wrote me a nasty e-mail about how spends his entire day working on the site, blah blah… Cut to me politely replying that I was no longer interested in being one of their unpaid writers.)

    If you ask me, the only thing that site does well is post news first. When it comes to being a tastemaker site, that they are not. They merely hop on the trend bandwagon, and go from there. How they got as big as they did, I don’t know but it’s discouraging.

    • Sorry, not to throw them under the bus in a “Where’s the Beef?” way but it just seemed like yesterday that site was shamelessly plugging itself on the Coachella message board and getting offended when the entire board ganged up against it (I think that wacky board is actually to thank for making that site famous.) Good for them on surviving long enough to host their own relevant SXSW party — but I just don’t trust the site no matter how many stories they break or who they get to play their party.

  6. Where’s our Skrillex+Stereogum picture??


  7. @ Michael_

    Their album reviews are not as slick as P4K’s, but I do find them a “just- OK “alternative to P4K’s verbosity . Plus sometimes they cover some nice little acts P4K or Stereogum doesnt.

    Though I ‘d have to agree with the whole bandwagon jumping issue.

  8. As much as I love what Trash Talk is doing, I’m not sure if I could survive one of their shows. I’m more of a “stand on the outskirts and take everything in” type of showgoer, but that just doesn’t seem possible when the room is one giant pit with foreign objects being chucked in every direction. Ceremony sounds a bit more manageable in that regard.

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