Dirty Projectors - "Gun Has No Trigger"

Well, the full-length followup to 2009′s best album is imminent, as indicated by a fresh new Soundcloud upload by Domino Records. “Gun Has No Trigger” is the name of the first single from Dirty Projectors’ new LP, and rather than take a moment to digest it we’re going to point you to it ASAP so we can all consume together. Like a family. Hear it below…


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  1. So it’s still too early to say this will be the best record of the year, right?

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  3. hmmmm, definitely different for them. Not sure if I like it quite as much as I want to, but Stillness is the Move was hardly my favorite track from Bitte Orca so I’ll hold off on freaking out until I hear the rest of the album.

  4. Longstreth’s voice is an instrument within itself. The vibe kind of reminds me of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” for some reason in that it’s dark and liturgical as Sarah above hinted at. So I guess this is the spring indie jam. Or maybe just the prayer said before Amrit’s vision of a Stereogum “family” dinner.

    • It’s just drums and vocals right? If there is any guitar it isn’t showcased like it was on the last album. I listened to it again, I think I’m gonna regret my previous comment. You live and you learn I guess.

    • Really? His voice is the proverbial turd in the punchbowl for me, the dealbreaker that prevents me from loving ‘Bitte Orca’ all the way through. I love the songs where the ladies exclusively sing, like “Stillness”. Longstreth is the Edwin Collins of our day.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Longstreth’s allegiance to cleverness rather than consistency fucks it up. He gets too eccentric with his voice and hurts the band at times.

  5. So we can officially start losing our shit now, right?

  6. Top 10 lists are going to be interesting this year. Too much good stuff

  7. This sounds a little bit like The Beatles and a just a touch of the Beatles cook together in a Beatles brand pot and served with Beatles cutlery and Beatles plates. With an extra side of Beatles

  8. really enjoying the new direction this song indicates the band is (potentially) taking with this next album… that being a slightly more accessible pop sound and less edgy. can’t wait to hear the new lp.

  9. I’ve got a feeling that I might be able to progress from really liking them to loving them if the new album follows in this vein.

  10. Does anyone else get a Bond-theme vibe from this song? c’mon, the way he sings the title “but the gun… haaas no triggeeer!” It just needs a string section. I mean that in the best way, I’m really digging this track.

  11. Let’s just go ahead and proclaim this the best thing in the history of the known human experience.

    I heard it and thought, well there’s a Dirty Projectors track, but then I saw all the commentary and began to believe that it might actually be the voice of God unleashing the secrets of the universe.

    At first I found the lyrics a bit esoteric, but then I read some Yeats, then translated the cuneiform into ancient Greek, then middle Latin, and finally German before English. Everything just kinda fell into place.

  12. This bores me. Is anyone up for a game of basketball?

  13. not impressed. gonna be hard to beat out bloom..

  14. This is the most conventional DP song yet. Almost too conventional for me. But Angel and Cameron sound amazing!

  15. Also can’t wait until Angel Deradoorian writes the Avey Tare love song we’ve all been waiting for.

  16. I never really liked these guys. I always felt like I should, but this changes everything. Ditty Projectors

  17. I like the style of the song, but when Dave tries to hit those high notes it’s kind of hard on the ears…

  18. Not his forte

  19. more traditional then I was expecting, but I like it.

  20. at first played it on my laptop, and I thought it was ok. then I played it on my speakers, and heard the baselie, and realized that it’s pretty amazing

  21. I really enjoy this! Someone get Dave a beer, he earned it

  22. I like it, but I’m not immediately in love. That being said, I can’t wait to hear how it sounds as part of an album.

  23. Sounds like a commination of The Glad Fact and Bitte Orca styles, I like it

  24. So I’m a little late but I saw this on Friday and remembered how much I hated Bitte Orca back in ’09 but for some reason I felt compelled to give it another chance last night and… damn. It’s like the stars aligned or something. What.

    • Yeah, it’s not exactly in the same class but that happened to me with Ice Cube’s ‘Lethal Injection’. I spent months thinking “What the fuck happened to this guy?”, stuck it on one day and loved it.

  25. Just getting to this now. HOLY FUCK. The vocal production is amazing. Goddamnit this is good. I haven’t triple-repeat-listened to a track in ages. Feels good, man. Check out the vocal tone shift at 1:10-1:20 to build up to the chorus. So much fucking wood right now.

  26. Psyched. Love their harmonies.

  27. a few weeks back i thought maybe i should give the big 3 from ’09 (mpp, veckatimest, bitte orca) a fifth or sixth chance

    i still don’t get any of ‘em. and i really don’t get this.

    • I with you, man. All the hype of Bitte Orca made me bite (derp), but I just really couldn’t get into it. Frankly, I found the music really annoying and grating. I do kind of dig the chicks in the band though.

      Furthermore, I met Dave Longstreth after a TVOTR show (Dirty Projectors opened for them) and he was a huge dick cheeseburger. I’m not supporting that asshole anymore.

    • mpp was the WORST.

  28. Rob Zombie was way cooler than this shit.

  29. I feel Lost in the Trees with this song. I need to find a Church that Fits our Needs that’s available now.

  30. Great track. Can’t wait for the entire album.

  31. Was anyone else having trouble following those lyrics?

  32. This is like if Talking Heads did a James Bond theme.

  33. Not Beatles for me because of the odd intervals in the melody, but very much like late-90s/early-00s Elvis Costello. Which was actually pretty Beatlish, if I’m honest. The bass is similar to a Bruce Thomas line or six.

  34. This group continues to be the most overrated, obnoxious band in the history of blogdom.

    Kim Zolciak is more pleasurable.

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