So yes: It’s probably, at least on some level, a cynical ploy for a titanic celebrity to maintain control over her own image and to remind the world she still exists. Still, Beyoncé’s Tumblr, which she launched today, makes me like her even more, and that’s not an easy thing to do. (I really like Beyoncé.)

If you scroll all the way to the bottom, the page has streams of all of her albums, which is certainly a nice resource, and there’s all the normal musician-website info on there as well. But the real point of the site is the collection of personal photos that you have to scroll past to find anything else. They show Beyoncé hanging out with her friends and family, not posing for static press shots. And those pictures of her with Jay-Z could not possibly be any more romantic. You should look at the site. It’s nice.

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    • are you bored?

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    • To seriously answer Kevin Bibbs’ question above, though, the answer is that all this week on Stereogum, I’ve decided to experiment with my commenting by not actually commenting on the post at hand, but rather paralleling my words with the pro-wrestling world. Monday’s comments were tied into Wrestlemania XXVIII results, Tuesday’s were Raw results, Wednesday — well, Wednesday was an off day.

      Today however was a hell turn (hence #HEEL TURN.) If you’re not familiar, a heel turn usually involves a “babyface” (aka ‘good guy’) teasing that he / she’s going to the dark side by making some questionable decisions or comments (In this case, rabble rousing you all with whiny banter to ruffle up your feathers and conjure up downvotes) and finally making one shocking move to fully “put them over” as a “heel” / villain (as demonstrated here by Eve low-blowing Zach Ryder at Wrestlemania last Sunday:


      At this stage, I’m well aware how things work around here and it’s quite easy to pull off a great comment. I’ve made it onto the week’s best and worst comments. I’ve been named an Editor’s Pick. I haven’t seen anyone try this out yet. Considering it looks like the narcissism comment has a chance at nabbing the week’s worst comment right now, I’d consider the faux #HEEL TURN a success.

  2. I like Beyonce and she’s very talented…but I always preferred Rihanna for the simple fact I felt like I knew her more. I felt like Rihanna always was her self and on Twitter you get a good feel for who she is a person: Ghetto hoodrat lol. Beyonce on the other hand has always been a little secretive when it’s came to her private life…so to see her release this tumblr is great because it finally brings people into her life and shows who she is a person. More artist should do this. Not to mention the addition of all of her albums available for stream is pretty awesome as well.

  3. tumblr run by beyonce and 500 collaborators

  4. Every image in that gallery is like, a Facebook Cover fodder

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  6. Just waiting for someone to be like, “gotta take stereogum off my bookmarks now” so I can go all, “YEAH TO MAKE ROOM FOR B’S TUMBLR”

  7. That must’ve been the greatest handjob in the world.

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