With all the news of Jarvis writing songs to soundtrack other people’s motion picture projects — some for the Forgetting Sarah Marshall sequel, one for Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox — it’s nice to have him soundtrack one of his own, here in this Stéphanie Di Guisto-directed clip for the title track from his Further Complications LP. It’s a Cockerlover’s delight, nothing but Cocker, bending over, being folded up and pushed around, mugging for the embed player. Watch:

Further Complications is out. Also, Jarvis is doing another one of those multiple-day installation things where he hosts, soundtracks yoga classes, and plays a concert, all at one space (previously at Paris’s Galerie Chappe, this time at the Village Underground in London) and simulcast on his website. Mark your calendar for 11/9-11/11, Cocker heads.

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  1. Its great to see that Jarvis is just carrying on doing what he loves, making music. The new album is mostly just about above average with a few bright spots but I just love the fact he keeps churning out music when his peers are lost in extravagance or becoming preening celebs.

  2. Joker's Lady  |   Posted on Nov 6th, 2009 0

    fucking love jarvis.

  3. dave w.  |   Posted on Nov 6th, 2009 0

    Everyone loves Jarvis, i dont know how you can’t…he’s funny, smart, good songwriter, clever…’the straight Morrissey:)’ AND Further Complications is a great cd.

  4. Jane  |   Posted on Nov 6th, 2009 0

    I like. I thought this is gonna be like the amateurish “Angela” video which was like shot on a cellphone camera.
    Jarvis hasn’t aged, ‘cept for the diminishing hairline and gross beard. He still looks great considering all the cocaine and alcohol this guy took during the 90′s. All he needs is a razor to hotify himself again. Bring back the old look, Jarv! Yeah, the one in “The Trees” video.

    • You’re referencing the TREES video?! Not This Is Hardcore, etc?? I’ve never even seen the Trees video, didnt know nor care if there even was one, thats how disheartened i was with that album…huuuge letdown. It’s probably why i love his solo stuff so much, at the very least his fun mojo is back in full effect:)

  5. Beatrice  |   Posted on Nov 7th, 2009 0

    Yup, apparently there is a Trees video. I just checked it out on youtube. If you are disappointed with the album, you are going to be more disappointed with that video. Dark, ballerina dancing, etc. and Jarvis is unrecognizable. He is so thin that his bones are sticking out. This is supposed to be the recovery album after This is Hardcore, yet he looks more sickly.

    • hahaha oh man, sounds…GREAT:) But, fitting for that album…one of the larger post-great-cd-cant-wait-to-hear-the-new-one! letdowns in my life:p …OOH actually, Hey Stereogum, how bout we concoct a list of greatest LETDOWN albums of all-time?!?! Oooh now THAT would be intriguing:)

      (oh n then Stereogum, could u FINALLY fix this gayass GRAY vs. BLACK font thing?? pwetty pleez…cant be THAT hard.)

  6. Huzzah! Christmas comes early for lonely housewives, thinking ladies and the Idolator, Brooklyn Vegan and NME staff. New Prof. Jarvis video with murderous office equipment.
    Follow that direction Jarvis, not the disappointing Angela clip. That Angela video made you look like a washed-up rockstar or a busker who accepts money from onlookers.
    Btw, it’s time to rethink your decision to not reform Pulp. You have to act fast Jarvis before the remaining fringes disappear completely.
    Love the smile at the end.

  7. Prove It  |   Posted on Nov 7th, 2009 0

    Better than_____anyways…

  8. great video!

  9. Oh n while we’re on Jarvis…wouldn’t Jarvis be great on a hip, smartly written HBO-type comedy?? Perhaps not, never seen him act, but sure seems like he’d be made for it. At LEAST he could be a …snarky know-it-all best friend on a hit show. Like…say we tweaked the new hbo ‘hit’ comedy Bored to Death…just swap Zach Galifinackis, who i LUV, with Jarvis…n instead of having him be a loser yankee slob artist, just have him be a wacky shrink?? oh it could work:D

    • Jamile  |   Posted on Nov 11th, 2009 0

      @ Dave Android, I read somewhere here at Stereogum that he did some cameo in Wes Anderson’s animated movie. The guy is wacky and comfortable in front of the cameras, but I think he’s better as a pundit than an actor. He has an imposing personality that will eat the character he is playing.

      • OH RIGHT he is in that new Wes Anderson thing, but it’s animated, not sure that counts:) Apparantly Wes let him do the whole soundtrack, take THAT dude from Devo who did Rushmore:P (the fantastic mr fox is zee title of said movie, just came to me)

  10. hoboflaps  |   Posted on Nov 7th, 2009 0

    awesome, I love the video! thanks, Jarvis ;)

  11. eric  |   Posted on Nov 8th, 2009 0

    the way jarvis dances reminds me of bill nighy, which bothers me. still, not a bad song I suppose.

  12. Michael  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2009 0

    If any Pulp album was a letdown, for me it was Hardcore. Tuneful pop music is what I like. And while I love Jarv and his solo ventures, if I had to choose, I’d take We Love Life over either of the solo albums. But I love pop music.

    • Man REALLY!?! wow, that blows me away…that We Love Life album was SOOO depressing compared to regular jarvis/pulp stuff. N the fact he tried to write every song with a nature-trees/weeds tie-in just made it all the more annoying. As if this was the 2nd consecutive concept album he HAD to do to totally show his chops compared to Hardcore in a more deep poetic way, i could never get into it. Almost every Pulp fan i know loves Hardcore, the back end is lacking, but the first 7 tracks plus the Like A Friend bonus is plenty to love.

  13. …oh yeah, theres a reason that His n Hers, Different Class AND Hardcore were the only 3 Pulp albums chosen for the deluxe treatment;) (cough)

  14. mighty undies  |   Posted on Nov 10th, 2009 0

    I love Pulp, but his solo albums are mediocre. This song is no exception.

  15. rv  |   Posted on Nov 10th, 2009 0


  16. Bootyfish  |   Posted on Nov 12th, 2009 0

    this poor bastard winds up being trapped in a box, forced to listen to his own shitty song. asshole…

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