Squarepusher – “Dark Steering” Video

This week in NYC is all about the man/machines of Kraftwerk. (Jon Pareles says it well.) This year in blogtalk has been injected with the drop-fixation of Skrillex electronica. (Tom Breihan says it well.) This decade has been all about the robots of Daft Punk. (Everyone has said it well.) And have you seen the crazy spatial light show construction of Amon Tobin’s ISAM? Somewhere between all of that, short the dubstep drop but in away previsaging some of Sonny Moore’s serrated sonics, and timely/timeless in his own way, is Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher — and in particular, this video for “Dark Steering,” the first single from the electronic music role model’s new LP for electronic music gourmands Warp. Man, machine, robots, crazy light setup, serrated electronica. “Dark Steering” does it all, and well. Listen/watch:

“Dark Steering” is from the Ufabulum LP, out 5/15 via Warp.

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