Jimmy Kimmel Is Neil Zirconia

Don’t doubt the Diamond’s ability to draw folks down to Bleecker Street on a moment’s notice, and don’t doubt the rampant (albeit irony-tinged) worship the man engenders from dudes born in the ’60s. But the greatest part about Neil Diamond Appreciation has always been Neil’s willingness to be in on the in-joke. Jack Black (b. 8/28/69) in Saving Silverman was all “Neil we wanna party with you”s and “C’mon a yeah ha”s before featuring an unexpected Diamond cameo, and the other night Kimmel (b. 11/13/67) continued bringing the crooner in on the gag via a short video, in which Jimmy takes advice and lessons from Neil on how to reach his post-retirement dream of becoming Neil Zirconia. We watch him feel the pain of playing the piano, learn how to make some trademark Neil moves, all while thankfully not even a single verse of “I’m Fucking Neil Diamond.”

Neil got a thumbs up from Darth Vader. That’s why he’s the best.