New Animal Collective Video – “In The Flowers”

Based on the thumbnail selected for this post, you could have thought the latest Merriweather Post Pavilion video was some fuzzily focused cinéma vérité, a children’s show spelling lesson, the most eye-bending screensaver you’d ever seen, or an Eric Wareheim-directed hypercolored freak show. The net effect is, alongside having elements of all of those things, it’s just flat out trippy as hell. Fittingly, flowers seem to tie the piece together in some way, and “In The Flowers”‘ metaphorical bloom is when things get particularly psilocybic. Directed by Abby Portner, sister of Avey. Watch it at Animal Collective’s homepage and don’t forget to screw your eyeballs back in afterward.

UPDATE: Check it below:

Merriweather Post Pavilion is an album that came out this year. Before 2009’s over Animal Collective will have one more release, the Fall Be Kind EP, which is out digitally 11/23, and on CD and 12″ on 12/15 via Domino.