New Charlotte Gainsbourg Video – “Heaven Can Wait” (Feat. Beck)

Award winning antichrist Charlotte Gainsbourg has teamed up with Beck for her forthcoming IRM, telling Jessica in a Progress Report that Hansen “tried very different things” with her for the album. And while “IRM” and “Heaven Can Wait” could sound “very different” relative to Charlotte’s past output, this Keith Schofield-directed video is very different relative to things you witness in reality: skateboards with wheels provided by Burger King, a dude with a half-beard, another barely outrunning an axe to the back, Sponge Bob getting arrested, trippy tennis, and a pool full of dead man’s floaters. Which is about half the storyboard.

IRM is out 1/26 via Because.

UPDATE: Grab the remix by LA producer Jason Chung

Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Heaven Can Wait (Feat Beck) (Nosaj Thing Remix)” (MP3)