Micachu And The Shapes Melt Down Crayola Crayons

We’re already well aware that Crayola wants your kids to listen to hip music while they do their coloring. So far we’ve seen Animal Collective take us down a sweet road to vibrant color, pre-sciatica Dan Deacon brandish his Glow Station, and Unicorns offering up “I Was Born A Unicorn” for Color Explosion 3-D. This time? Micachu and her shape-shifting Shapes appropriately tell us that melting and molding your own crayons is fun. (Thanks for the tip, Michael.) It’s sorta how she composes songs, really. It’s also good for recycling: “worn crayons” become “new color-swirl mini crayons.” As with the previous Crayola commercials, there’s something psychedelic going on here.

What would “Golden Phone” look like, kids?