The Magnetic Fields – “Quick!” Video

The next video from the Mag Fields’ Love At The Bottom Of The Sea is for “Quick!,” the Shirley Simms-sung/Claudia Gonson harmonized track about having one foot out the door on a broken relationship. (The last one was for “Andrew In Drag,” which starred Andrew in drag.) The story here follows two comely trashcan dwellers making eyes at each other, and a look at the YouTube description reveals that their character names are “Ada” and “Blom.” Put them together and you get Ada Blom, the name of a little known author from the 19th century who wrote The Biography Of A New York Hotel Scrub, an obscure book about Blom’s various wins and losses in love, written in a highly unconventional and self-styled (though apparently charming) voice and tone. I didn’t know anything about Ada Blom until Googling her/their name(s), and coming upon this article on, and YouTube description Easter eggs like this are just another of many reasons that I love the Magnetic Fields and what they do to my brain.

So to recap: This new Magnetic Fields video stars a couple of traschans in love, named after an obscure 19th century author. Sounds about right. Directed by James Spinney. Watch:

Love At The Bottom Of The Sea is out via Merge, and its album title is actually a pretty nice pairing for a book called The Biography Of A New York Hotel Scrub, which seems like it is also about love in very unfortunate places.