Two Dolphins OD At Swiss Rave

I did a lot of dumb things in ninth grade, but maybe the single dumbest thing — the one that makes me feel guilty and embarrassed every time I think about it — was when my friends and I blew a bunch of weed-smoke at my friend’s dog during a party, then laughing at the high, terrified dog as he ran all around the basement. Well, some assholes in Switzerland have pushed this type of behavior to its logical extreme — killing two dolphins by giving them a heroin substitute. This happened during a rave at a zoo. I can’t even. More details below.

The Huffington Post reports that some unknown partygoers slipped Buprenorphine, a heroin substitute given to recovering addicts, to dolphins named Shadow and Chelmers. To breathe, dolphins have to make the conscious decision to surface, and the drug messed with their brains to the point where they couldn’t effectively function, giving them slow and painful deaths.

This happened during a weekend-long rave at Connyland Zoo in Lipperswil, Switzerland. This raises some deeply puzzling questions. Like: Who the fuck throws a rave at a zoo? And didn’t anyone at the zoo point out that this was a terrible idea? It’s frankly amazing that nobody got eaten by tigers or whatever. The zoo “denies any wrongdoing,” which just confuses me further.

More grisly details are here.