Beyond Martin Luther, Upgrade Computer

Whoa, heated Gwen debate on The Gum (Rob coined that and I’m stealing it). Anyway, here’s my two yen…

Yes, Gwen Stefani’s lyrics are ri dic u lous. Does she want props for name-checking John Galliano and Mario Andretti (yikes, Amy Grant flashback)? Plus, we’ve heard all these jams before! Biggie already sampled Isleys’ “Between the Sheets,” B-Boys did dancehall Fiddler On The Roof first, intro to “Harajuku Girls” mimics “Papa Don’t Preach,” “The Real Thing” is really New Order covering Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time,” etc… And then there’s all those cringe-inducing references to L.A.M.B. couture.

But … c’mon, did you expect some grand musical statement from the lead singer of No Doubt? I’ve always been captivated by Gwen’s reinventions; now she’s giving us the disco jawn of the year. It’s fun and silly and totally hott. Bananas hott. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hott. It’s so hott Adrian Young’s already looking for session work. It’s so hott I’m gonna buy my own Harajuku girl.

Pre-order Love, Angel, Music, Baby here or stream tracks at The Leak (scroll to the bottom for Jason’s photos of Gwen at TRL). And before you ask: “Danger Zone” is not a Kenny Loggins cover. Sucks, I know.