Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – “Stronger”

This summer, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs will present the full thrust of his polyglot electronica to the world, charging head first, just like a stegosaurus! (Coincidentally: He dresses like a stegosaurus in concert/promo photos.) I saw T-E-E-D at Iceland Airwaves after a SBTRKT set, where the two made a logical pairing: these are crowd-rousing producers steeped in microgenre, operating with the intent to synthesize and transcend niche scene. They are crowd pleasers. The beats are informed but accessible, and there’s a good sense of theatricality, too: SBTRKT has his mask, while T-E-E-D’s Orlando brings a dinosaur fetish that extends to his background dancers, two of whom come out to flank his DJ console and shake their tails. (Literally, they have tails affixed to their asses and they shake them.) “Stronger” is the song I remember being the best choreographed, or at least the one where the tail-movement was most mesmerizing. You can see a bit of what I’m talking about in that introductory short film on the project we posted awhile back, and then imagine it writ large by listening to “Stronger” in full below.

Trouble is out 6/12 via Casablanca (and the previous day in the UK via Polydor). The other day we posted a video from the album: “American Dream Part II.”