Stream Fight Bite’s New LP

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Texan BTW Fight Bite, though this is understandable given how busy vocalist/keyboardist Leanne Macomber has been as keyboardist/vocalist for perennially touring synth-pop leading light Neon Indian. In 2010 we heard Leanne and fellow Fight Biter Jeff Louis’s “Celeste,” along with the promise of a full record when time allowed; it is 2012, and time has allowed. Titled Fight Bite, the duo’s second LP offers a more rarified version of their swirling, amniotic dream-pop, though it’s for that reason we’ve pulled “Charlotte Pluie” for your downloading pleasure — Macomber’s vocals still smear the scenery, and the keyboards still twinkle, but this one has atypical thrust thanks to programmed beats tied to a sample bank straight from the ’80s. You can hear the whole record at Spotify, and download “Charlotte Pluie” below:

Fight Bite – “Charlotte Pluie”

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