New Gigi – “The Old Graveyard” (Feat. Karl Blau)

Gigi’s Maintenant is principally the project of producer Colin Stewart and No Kids/P:ANO man Nick Krgovich, a collection of songs organized around a simple concept: let’s make pop like they did back in the Phil Spector days, using these sweet vintage reverb plates I scored from somewhere. A few years of inviting friends like Owen Pallett and Mirah to sing on compositions self-consciously molded using the Brill Building’s blueprint has been packaged into a 15-song set out this January on Tomlab, “The Old Graveyard” being an early listen. Karl Blau is the featured vocalist here, and the K Records’ shape-shifter is joined by the downbeat snare shots, piano plodding, and girl-group backing vocals to pour into Gigi’s era-appropriating mold.

Gigi – “The Old Graveyard (Feat. Karl Blau) (MP3)
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Nice, but a much more successful reverb-plate pop experiment — in that it sounds like more than an experiment but a supple song in its own right — is the album’s gorgeous “I’m Not Coming Out Tonight,” which you should grab at Fluxblog.

Maintenant is out 1/26 via Tomlab. Tracklist:

01 No, My Heart Will Go On (Chorus)
02 The Hundredth Time (Duffy Driediger & Ryan Peters)
03 Dreams Of Romance (Zac Pennington)
04 Alone At The Pier (Rose Melberg)
05 Everyone Can Tell (Ryan Beattie)
06 One Woman Show (Joey Cook)
07 I’m Not Coming Out Tonight (Sydney Vermon & Marissa Johnson)
08 Some Second Best (Chorus)
09 I Can’t Bring Myself To Smile (Bobby Birdman & Katy Davidson)
10 Strolling Past the Old Graveyard (with Karl Blau)
11 The Marquee (Katie Eastburn)
12 Impossible Love (Chorus)
13 Won’t Someone Tell Me? (with Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn)
14 I’ll Quit (with Owen Pallett)
15 Neathe The Streetlights (Nick Krgovich)

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