Watch Against Me! & Joan Jett Cover The Replacements’ “Androgynous”

As free and independent human thinkers we’re entitled to differ about an infinite number of things in this life. It’s beautiful, really. All the autonomous choices and mindsets! That said, the unequivocal excellence of Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace and Joan Jett decision to cover the Replacements gender-bent classic “Androgynous” at NYC’s Terminal 5 last night is completely beyond debate. This comes exactly one month after Against Me!’s lead singer announced a plan to assume her new gender and identity as Laura Jane Grace, which makes it especially celebratory. In the words of the bard Paul Westerberg: “Now something meets Boy, and something meets Girl / They both look the same, they’re overjoyed in this world / Same hair, revolution / Unisex, evolution / Tomorrow who’s gonna fuss.” Congratulations to all of us.

Thanks for the tip, Michael_.