The 8 Best Music Moments From HBO’s Girls

It sputtered a bit out of the gate — though that widespread sentiment might be the result of the impossibly enormous expectations placed on Lena Dunham’s debut television series — Girls seemingly improved week-in, week-out. Its ten-episode first season concluded last night, so today we’ve picked the show’s best musical moments. While we’ll briefly acknowledge the lowpoints — Pitbull? — Dunham and music supervisors Manish Raval and Tom Wolfe mostly nailed the big scenes, and for an audience that was literally picking apart every decision. I think they did the subject matter — twenty-somethings “figuring it out” in Brooklyn — justice. In case you’re curious, HBO has posted the music choices from every episode online, too. Head up top to see the best eight, which definitely includes when the venture capitalist dude live-mashed Len. WARNING: If you haven’t watched last night’s finale, heads up — there are spoilers.