A Little Britain

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1. Goldie Lookin’ Chain “21 Ounces”
2. Kaiser Chiefs “I Predict A Riot”
3. The Futureheads “First Day”
4. The Rakes “Strasbourg”
5. Nine Black Alps “Cosmopolitan”
6. Bloc Party “Helicopter”
7. The Dears “Lost In The Plot”
8. The Concretes “Chico”
9. Babyshambles “Babyshambles”
10. Selfish Cunt “I Love New York”
11. Art Brut “Bad Weekend”
12. Neil’s Children “I Hate Models”
13. The Others “Stan Bowles”
14. Joanna Newsom “Sprout And The Bean”
15. Willy Mason “Live It Up”