Kitty Pryde – “Orion’s Belt” (Feat. Riff Raff) Video

Recently, Gawker ran a long profile of the rapper Riff Raff, an Internet icon who is somewhat of a pioneer of this modern music space, a music/meme hybrid lane also occupied by newcomers like Kitty Pryde. From the profile:

In early May, I DMed Riff Raff about Kitty Pryde, who mentioned him on her song “Justin Bieber.” I included a link to her video for “Okay Cupid,” which had caused “a minor internet starburst” that morning.

“What’s her Twitter?” he wrote back. “See if she wants to do a song/video.”

A week later, he was on a plane to Daytona Beach to shoot the video for the song they’d recorded that weekend. He’d arranged for Vice to pay for it.

(via Gawker)

So, without further ado, here’s the video for the Haha, I’m Sorry cut “Orion’s Belt,” a clip that features Kitty and Riff Raff roaming the boardwalk and doing boardwalk stuff like getting airbrushed t-shirts, riding go karts and loitering. It also features Kitty Pryde’s brother, who is becoming something of a legend. Watch it below.

Stereogum contributor wagz2it was on hand to document Kitty’s first NYC show, so scroll through the gallery to see his great shots. Head here for his entire collection of Northside photos.