Owl City Rips Off Album Art, Too

Anyone with a set of ears knows Owl City sounds a lot like the Postal Service. Just in case you weren’t sure, though, Adam Young and his laptop basically admitted to ripping off Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello. He didn’t stop there: Young also nabbed a photo of Chicago called “Ice On The Lake” by a guy named Ben Eubank (aka benisntfunny) for page two of the Ocean Eyes album booklet. Ben took the original from Adler Planetarium “during a not so noticeable sunrise.” Owl City shifted it up a little, deepening and darkening the sky and adding a glowing emo star.

The Original:

(Via Interfacelift)

With Million Fireflies Filter:

(Via Flickr)

Hopefully Ben gets an Owl City Adult Onesie out of this.

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