New Animal Collective Video – “Brothersport”

When most bands premiere a video, they want optimal publish time and PR company press releases to secure eyeballs. Most bands don’t have a fanbase as rabidly internettable as Animal Collective’s, though, where their best PR agents are the same people coming to their shows. Like with “In The Flowers,” the band stealthily posted a new video to after-blog-business-hours last night, and immediately it was everywhere. Unlike “In The Flowers,” it’s a bit more cohesive and reflects its underlying track more closely in its partially animated and entirely colorful, post-Where The Wild Things Are psychedelia. It’s a fun one.

While it didn’t take a PR flack to get the word out on the video itself, someone’s done a good job timing its release, at least. As mentioned, the trio (Deakin’s busy elsewhere) guest edited FADER, with a centerpiece interview by Aziz Ansari through which the two sides got acquainted via random YouTube link trades. Sorta clunky to read longform YouTube URLs in print, but a fun way to spend some time now that it’s online. To commemorate that mindmeld: FADER’s got Animal Collective DJing their sold-out event at the American Museum of Natural history tonight, Aziz is on Conan’s show which airs at 11:35PM EST (for a few more weeks, anyway), and Mr. Ansari also released an embeddable widget for his Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening standup CD/DVD. Enjoy that and the “Brothersport” video below:

Gold star for Aziz + Animal Collective’s PR teams.

The “Brothersport” vid’s directed by Jack Kubizne, and there’s a limited edition 10″ of the song available exclusive to the Domino mart.