New Lil Wayne Video – “A Milli”

After seeing Lil Wayne’s Tron-ed out performance on FN’MTV, we picked up on two more things about Weezy: he embraces the dramatic power of ending a performance by locking himself in his tour bus, and does not believe in rapping while not-walking. For the “A Milli” clip he flips it by starting off stepping out of his tour bus, but the rest is full of loco and motion, Mr. Carter showing it’s hard work just preparing to be so awesome: by the time he gets to the set of the video (at the end of the video, when else), we see his entourage includes a girl to do his dreads, a guy to guard his porta-potty, and most imperatively a girl to spray cologne on his lil wayne.

(via Gorilla vs. Bear)

OK, “you’re like a bitch with no ass you ain’t got shit” could present issues, but do we really want to push words like “venereal disease” and “menstrual bleed” to the bleeped-out margins? Come on, America. I don’t think kids need to be thinking of those as bad words as much as unfortunate incidents in the face of not being properly prepared with condoms and tampons. Lil Wayne is just a free speech crusader who hates herpes. I think we can all get behind a guy like that. And all that nonstop walking? We need a review, new sexman.

Tha Carter III is out and is so good, you guys.

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