Is This The Greatest Pearl Jam Setlist Of All Time?

Bands love it when you shout requests at them between songs, so leave it to Pearl Jam to allow one fan to craft an entire 27-song set. Longtime Ten Club member Brian Farias of Rhode Island was selected to be flown to Amsterdam for a pair of shows by the band, and then asked to craft his ideal setlist, to be performed during the second show, on 6/27. Farias told Rolling Stone he went through 40 or 50 drafts before settling on his final selections, which included a couple serious obscurities, including Vitalogy’s “Bugs,” which was played for the first time since Halloween 2009 and only for the second time ever, according to (What, no “Stupid Mop”?) Farias’s dream set is now being called the “greatest Pearl Jam setlist of all time.” Check it out and tell us what he should’ve done differently.

01. “Wash”

02. “Last Exit” 

03. “Animal”

04. “State Of Love And Trust” 

05. “Severed Hand” 

06. “Corduroy”

07. “I Got Id”

08. “Daughter” (w/ “W.M.A.” snippet)
09. “Nothing As It Seems” 

10. “Got Some” 

11. “Dissident” 

12. “Once”

13. “Glorified G” 

14. “Deep” 

15. “The Fixer”

16. “Bugs”

17. “Better Man”

First Encore:
18. “Release”

19. “Hail Hail” 

20. “Alone” 

21. “Footsteps”

22. “Rearviewmirror” 

Second Encore
23. “Crown Of Thorns” (Mother Love Bone cover)
24. “Sonic Reducer” (Dead Boys cover)
25. “Alive”
26. “Baba O’Riley” (The Who cover)
27. “Yellow Ledbetter”

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