New Bloc Party Video – “Mercury”

This weekend a couple of British music sites posted about a countdown at Bloc Party’s homepage. Turns out the countdown was for the unveiling of Bloc Party’s new single “Mercury,” premiered an hour ago on the BBC’s Zane Lowe show. Minutes later and before you could even say “radio rip,” YouTube lit up with an official Ace Norton-directed video for the tune. Very “Flux“-y of them.

The song’s something a little different for the band for its minimal guitars, although the Brits’ core constituents (i.e. Kele and Matt Tong) are doing what they like to do most: Kele yelping rhythmically here, finding a melody there, Tong offering very danceable beats. But if you remember Kele’s beef with Jack White, he will not just entertain without getting provocative because that would just be “complicit with capitalist society.” And so the refrain lyric “Mercury’s in retrograde,” which is astrological speak for “everything’s going to shit,” is demonstrated video-wise by images suggesting the White House is possessed by a politically demonic Frankenstein type creature that is beholden to omniscient, crystal-ball toting, videogame loving apes who love to fight wars over bananas because they are crazy and uncaring and really love bananas. You might further argue that this was probably too literal a reading of the video but I failed out of Metaphors and Subtext in college, sorry.

If you want to buy a disc box version of this song, which seriously won’t make you complicit with capitalist society because at least you thought about war, you can head to