New Girls Video – “Morning Light”

[We never posted this one, released awhile back but recently re-upped to the internet — if you missed it the first time around, this one’s for you.] Director Aaron Brown’s videos for Girls — “Hellhole Ratrace,” “Laura,” and “God Damned” among them — nail down the duo’s bittersweet sentiments via a few recurring motifs: Girls, with friends, in the streets and apartments of San Francisco, often in slow motion, often making out, all alone together. It’s an image of their lives they’re comfortable with, it’s the view through Album’s lens, and they’re not messing with the formula with “Morning Light.” The track first appeared as the b-side to 2008’s True Panther-released 7″ Lust For Life,” which had a clip earning both a Gummy and a place on our list of Most NSFW Videos of 2009. Make a meal and kiss your mirror:

Album is an album.

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