New Modest Mouse – “Satellite Skin” (Live)

Modest Mouse have been performing new material during their recent tours. In some shaky YouTube footage, for instance, we see Isaac bouncing through the jagged then poppy “Satellite Skin,” a track ostensibly from the forthcoming, still untitled EP. From the way the audience reacts — howls, screams, a single macho growl, and then dancing — you’d think they knew it by heart. Or, maybe they’re excited to see Brock strumming and singing solo-style and intimate-like at the beginning of the track.

(Via P4K)

From this clip at least, it seems like “Satellite Skin” shows up as the tail-end transition of another track. Confirm/deny? If that’s the case, it must already be a well-integrated part of the live show. Hence the fan reaction? Or maybe Modest Mouse fans are just easily excited.

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