Ian MacKaye Gets DIY For Nike’s Ad Agency

To be more specific, MacKaye talks about skateboarding culture in the “Skate And Create” section of the D.I.Y. America documentary put together by Aaron Rose and WKE, a subsidiary of Nike and Coca Cola and etc.’s ad agency Wieden+Kennedy. It’s labeled a “WKE Original Series.” While I wouldn’t exactly call it pimping for Nike’s ad agency, for someone as politically outspoken as MacKaye, he probably should have done his homework (or read the release form/contract more closely). What’s more interesting to me is that this “serialized show focusing on leaders in the youth/punk/DIY movement” doesn’t include much youth. Why? Because the series was constructed from footage shot for, but not included in Beautiful Losers, the film about early ’90s D.I.Y. So, no, you’re likely not going to get much 2010: Instead of Todd P and friends, it’s MacKaye, Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, etc., doing the talking. (As far as newer crews, the soundrack includes Gang Gang Dance and No Age.) All that said, MacKaye has cool/poetic things to say about “the skaters’ gaze,” but it’s not nearly as entertaining as this Nike-related fodder. Take a look.

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