Jens Lekman’s Department Of Forgotten Songs

Jens Lekman’s Department of Forgotten Songs is “a repository of demos, unreleased and hard-to-find material beloved by friends, fans and everyone at Secretly Canadian.”

A few choice cuts, w/ commentary by Jens…

“Do Impossible Things”
“(from the first demo i sent to SC) this is probably my first attempt in using samples, i don’t know where i got those flutes and harps, probably from one of those old japanese poetry chant records i bought once. there’s something magic to it. i recorded it in 1998.”

“Do You Remember The Riots (Orchestral Version)”
“(album outtake) i was working on this a long time for the album but
eventually just invited a friend over , opened the windows and sang it
acapella. i just never got it right and it would’ve cost us a fortune to
clear the samples. i would’ve had to sell my little sister to medical

“Pocketful Of Money”
“(from scandinavian mapleleaves EP) a very sincere song about payday. some people got upset that i sampled beat happening but i can’t see why it’s ok to sample tony mottola and not calvin johnsson (i love them both). i decided to leave this off the US EP to not start off by annoying people.”

Leading up to Jens Lekman’s first full US tour in February, three new songs will be made available every other week. Click.

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