Flaming Lips Cover White Stripes

Stream “Seven Nation Army” (Real).

Look for the 7″ next month, and the band’s Late Night Tales mix CD March 7. Here’s what they picked:

Bjork ? “Unravel”
Miles Davis ? “My Ship”
Chris Bell ? “Speed Of Sound”
Faust ? “It?s a Bit Of A Pain”
Roxy Music ? “2HB”
Alfie ? “People”
Aphex Twin ? “Film”
Mice Parade ? “Galileo”
The Chameleons ? “Up The Down Escalator”
Flaming Lips ? “Seven Nation Army”
Chemical Brothers ? “Playground For A Wedgeless Firm”
Love & Rockets ? “Saudade”
Lush ? “Monochrome”
Psychedelic Furs ? “Sleep Comes Down”
Nick Drake ? “River Man”
Sebadoh ? “One Fire”
Radiohead ? “Pyramid Song”
10CC ? “I?m Not In Love”
Brian Eno ? “Another Green World”
David Shirgley ? “The Jist”

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