Staygold, Robyn, Spank Rock, Damien Adore Sing “Backseat,” Fever Ray’s Face Melts

Even the awards shows are better in Sweden. Earlier this week, the preternaturally pop-savvy country’s annual public radio awards show, P3 Guld, aired from from the Scandinavium Arena in Gothenburg. Two bits worth spotlighting: this performance of “Backseat,” featuring both Robyn and Father Spank Rock, taking turns singing and rhyming before warmly embracing and dancing with one another. We know what Robyn’s been up to; the recently lower-profile Spank Rock’s apparently been reconciling his love for booty-raps with his love for Christian culture. Fever Ray took home an award for 2009’s “Best Dance” and was ready for her closeup, accepting the honor gussied up with a fashionable facial. Pretty! That’s a snap of Karin’s above, here’s “Backseat” below:

Thanks for the tip, Magnus. Staygold is the collab project of DJs Måns Glaeser and Carli Löf, P3Guld being the premiere of “Backseat,” the first listen from their forthcoming album. The studio version doesn’t feature Robyn, but does feature Naeem and Damien Adore (aka the other Salem). Hear “Backseat” in properly recorded form at Staygold’s MySpace.

If you have 90 minutes to kill, watch P3 Guld in its entirety.

UPDATE: Here’s a YouTube of Fever Ray’s acceptance “speech” via Deaf Indie Elephants.