The Who Hate Each Other, Various People Cover The Who

We’ve written plenty about VH1’s “Rock Honors.” The Foo Fighters and Gaz Coombes’ take on “Bargain” wasn’t exciting. The Flaming Lips’ practice footage was, relatively speaking. (It involved an illuminated gong, remember.) Adding to our footage of bands covering the who, VH1’s posted more clips from the evening. The rumors are true: Pearl Jam did a great job with their choices and performances. The Who themselves played, too. Which is cool, considering the NY Post story that claims Pete and Roger aren’t on speaking terms, are traveling separately, have dressing rooms on the opposite ends of the hallway, etc. Partly because Townshend wants to premiere new material on the upcoming tour and Daltrey wants to stick to the oldies. I’m with Daltrey on this one, Pete — you guys are a traveling museum. No offense, but people aren’t showing up to hear your new tunes. The focus was rightfully on the old at the Pauley Pavilio in L.A. Speaking of old, we got to see Coyne in the bubble again.

The Who – “Baba O’Riley”

The Who – “Who Are You”

Flaming Lips – Medley Of Songs From Tommy

Pearl Jam – “Love Reign O’er Me”

Pearl Jam – “The Real Me”

Foo Fighters – “Young Man Blues”

Tenacious D – “Squeeze Box”

You can watch Incubus here. The Who’s tour starts 10/21 in Detroit.