New Broken Bells Video – “The High Road”

By now, even after that sneaky promo campaign, you may know Broken Bells is the post-Dark Night Of The Soul collision of Danger Mouse and Starbucks sweetheart James Mercer. The twosome now have a video for their self-titled debut’s first single “The High Road,” which finds Mercer on vocals, guitars, bass; Mouse on organ, drums, piano, synths and bass. For the video, director Sophie Muller literalizes the song’s title: We find the guys on a lonely highway where they chase down some kid in his pajamas and steal his toy car, but otherwise remain largely distant and removed when come upon a projected fire, a bored burlesque, a horse, various folks in differing states of stress, a meta car accident, themselves. Cormac McCarthy soundtracked by Zach Braff?

Broken Bells is out 3/9 via Columbia.