Coldplay Visit The Simpsons

True, the Grammys perpetrating their special brand of outmoded misery upon people dumb enough to watch (like me!), but there were also intentionally funny moments in televised music last night. For instance, the Chris Martin Band quietly dropped in on Springfield to “film” a cameo. The video we have starts with a look at the Chris that’s not a cartoon (wait there’s a version of Chris that’s not a cartoon?)(just kidding!)(Chris is OK!) recording his voiceovers in a sound booth, which is great for a couple of reasons: 1) you get to hear the various versions of punchlines that don’t make the cut (The Simpsons writers: 20 years and still got it, even if their time has come); and 2) Chris Martin cracks up the writing staff with a very funny joke at his own expense. One could argue it’s easy to make very funny jokes at Chris Martin’s own expense, but one would be an asshole to follow a compliment in such a manner. At the end we see the actual animated segment from last night’s ep in which the band plays “Viva” in their revolutionary war outfits to Homer and Bart in the Naming Rights Available Arena. It is fun to watch with your eyes and at least as entertaining as the Grammys were in total. Plus, you get to see which version of the Homer-playing-the-tambourine punchline the show went with.

Ahh, the version of the joke we didn’t even here. No spoilers! Classic Simpsons. As for Coldplay, they’re reportedly holed up in a North London church with Brian Eno working on a “a stripped-down, more acoustic” album. Which means we’re potentially looking at the lovechild of Parachutes and Viva La Vida, and that’s very good news.