Gwyneth Paltrow’s Summer Jams: Grimes, Beach House, Deerhunter, & More Bands You Love Too!

Stars … they’re just like us! Except for the fact that she lives in an Atlantean castle, sleeps in a zero-gravity purified oxygen-infused sleep chamber, and owns a Space Shuttle, Gwyneth Paltrow is a pretty down-to-earth lady. Proof? How about her Summer Jams playlist, published today on Life + Times. Gwyn shared her 13-track mix with the masses, and her music choices are more or less exactly like yours. A little Grimes, a little Pinback, etc. To be fair, she’s not much of a music critic — about Beach House, she says, “I’m into this band and its mellow dreamy beach music, thus their name”; re: Frank Ocean, she writes, “I think this album might be a masterpiece.” (Um, so maybe she is a music critic?) But this summer, she’s basically rocking a Stereogum-approved set of tunes — she’s just doing it on an iPhone 7. Check out her full playlist below and let us know what else she should be listening to.

  • Kendrick Lamar (Feat. Dr. Dre) – “The Recipe”
  • Pinback – “Loro”
  • Grimes – “Genesis”
  • Hot Chip – “Motion Sickness”
  • Juicy J – “Who Da Neighbors”
  • Frank Ocean – “Thinkin About You”
  • Chief Keef feat. Lil Reese – “I Don’t Like”
  • Usher – “Climax”
  • Beach House – “Other People”
  • Deerhunter – “Helicopter”
  • French Montana (Feat. Rick Ross, Drake, & Lil Wayne) – “Pop That”
  • Neon Indian – “Halogen (I Could Be A Shadow)”
  • Wugazi – “Shame On Blue”