New Animal Collective – “Lion In A Coma” (Live)

Weaving through the thousands swarming the A stage to dive into the photo pit for Animal Collective’s headlining set at P4K Fest this weekend was trippy; not because AC drew thousands to their set (seen it before), but because it was a reminder that a band as offbeat as Animal Collective has arrived in full on festival headlining fashion. The set was a weekend highlight for most who saw it, and the trippiness didn’t end with the walk over: cue the Coldplay light towers and a still Deakin-less AC intent upon experimenting and hypnotizing rather than freaking and folking. Those who saw it also received a first listen at whooshing new tune “Lion In A Coma.” Now you can join them.

Hat tip to Gorilla vs. Bear, who also dug up AC’s night-fitting makeover of Panda Bear’s “Comfy In Nautica” from the same night:

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