Also The Unicorns Broke Up

A little more singer-songwritery than I expected from the Sea & Cake guitarist, but Archer Prewitt’s Wilderness is a lovely chamber pop record that rewards repeated spins. Clean, intricately arranged guitar lines are matched with unexpected bursts of harmonica and pedal steel, making for a listening experience that straddles the worlds of post-rock and alt-country. You can pre-order here or pick up an import now (Archer is big in Japan). Salon is offering the first track as a free download:

Archer Prewitt – “Way Of The Sun”

I think you’ll like the second one better:

Archer Prewitt – “Leaders”

If you find those too sleepy for a morning morning, head to New-Black for an MP3 of “Daft Punk Is Playing at My House.” It’s the first cut from the much blogged about LCD Soundsystem album that drops 2/15.