New Amanda Palmer Video – “Runs In The Family”

The Who Killed Amanda Palmer video series rolls on with Part Four, which is really the Third Song (the first bit was just the intro credits, this is sort of like a TV series — see David Lynch-y album title). Last week was the pretty “Ampersand” (with Amanda going topless), before that it was the great 1/8 note paranoia of “Astronaut” (with Amanda going crazy with the eyebrows), and this morning it’s “Runs In The Family” (with Amanda needing a nanny and probably a hug, too). It’s also the third great song we’ve heard coming from this solo debut LP.

I don’t know what that last minute is about, exactly, but AP still does the angsty and alienated thing better than most teenagers with years less therapy. So that’s three full-scale videos from an album that isn’t even out yet. Good pre-release buzz strategy, but it sorta helps that the videos belong to three full-scale awesome songs. This is shaping up to be at least on par with anything from the Dolls. Possibly better.

Who Killed Amanda Palmer? is out 9/16 via Roadrunner.