Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

On Sunday night, we all logged on like a family and listened to the world premiere of Animal Collective’s Centipede Hz. Wasn’t that fun? Have you been listening to the album non-stop? Do you love Deakin’s vocal stylings? Have Abby Portner’s visuals given you nightmares? Did you make an Anco You Mix? Did you learn about Amanita? Let us know what life’s been like for you in this confusing post-Centipede Hz universe. But first: your highest and lowest rated comments of the past 7 days:



Andrew Schneider | Aug 17th Score:25

It can’t be done…it’s the three minute mile.

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#9 optimuslime | Aug 17th Score:26

Talk about a Cinderella story. Second comment ever and Marc ruins Michael_’s sweep.

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Iver Hillman | Aug 17th Score:26

so close Michael_….so close

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#7 adddo | Aug 17th Score:27

2002 was such a great year for music, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot; Turn on the Bright Lights; Kill the Moonlight; Neon Golden; Yoshimi; Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Was Gone; Sea Change; Sources and Tag Codes…and so many more.

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#6 lolling time | Aug 17th Score:28


seriously, word.

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#4 rubberjohnny0829 | Aug 19th Score:39


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Devin Tydides Bambrick | Aug 22nd Score:40

The less visual/biographical imput I get on Grimes, the better. I love the music, but this whole Post-Circuswave Hobopunk I’m Going To Sail A Raft Down The Mississippi scene thing–now seemingly cross-pollenated with some sort of Gaga Sailor Moon Tarantino Harajuku thing–just gets me down, man. This is a hot mess.

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#2 Ocelot Stomp | Aug 19th Score:41

You guys I hacked the stream and got a live video feed:

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Mitch Park | Aug 22nd Score:73

“but we need to accept the possibility of a record so excellent we don’t understand it yet ”


“once an inevitable critical consensus emerges that this is great, you will all like it, even if it sounds like a mess to you right now”

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#5 Michael_ | Aug 17th Score:-10

You’re all right. I suck at this thing and not that I haven’t had my moments before, but I don’t offer anything to the comments section or site anymore really. It’s been tough trying to keep myself visible on here since I can’t do so during the day, and I realize now that a lot of my frustration comes from the fact that I’ve been rendered pretty much irrelevant and unneeded, and that even goes for my other writing efforts (like, what good is posting something at 8 or 9pm when it’s 10 hours stale? And why are my words any more special than someone else?) There’s times I comment on a post just to keep my voice active, and when I go back and read it, I see how it’s — as someone accused me — “Hallmark-y.”

I began commenting consistently on here under the guise of the duchessofthomyorke in mid-2011, and about a year ago, I did away with that to stop adding to the angry white noise on the Internet. I’ve lost sight of that, I generally feel like my time is being wasted (hence negative comments) and being that I have a thing for round numbers, maybe one year as a commenter is the right time for me to step away (although I probably will have a tough time doing so when a really exciting story happens. Stereogum is a nasty, but nice habit.)

I’ll be at the FYF Fest in a few weeks if anyone wants to hang. They just added the Faint as new headliners. The rest of the future is up in the air.

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#4 colinskys | Aug 22nd Score:-12

DT. Proving that any attention is good attention since 1992.

That was a decent comment, pretty funny, but in general you are the second worst to rubberjohnny, god rest his hair.

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#3 ghostdad | Aug 22nd Score:-14

Yes, by all means downvote me because I don’t like one song. Yes, that seems fair.

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Mexico Indie | Aug 19th Score:-21

Also…yeah self promoting, follow me @mexicoindie

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Edwin Montoya Zorrilla | Aug 19th Score:-23

another self plug, of an early preview based on live jams.

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Rob Casper | Aug 22nd Score:2

isn’t this an awesome song?

this really is an awesome song

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Bobby Barlett | Aug 21st Score:17

Love the Lisa Stansfield comparison. This album definitely has a connection with those 80?s blue-eyed soul albums that were unique to the UK. I would throw in Style Council and the Mod-father himself, as well as a few Swing Out Sister joints; and of course, Soul II Soul is the Seminal UK R&B offering of that era.

I am sure there’s a very interesting piece waiting to be written comparing the outgrowth of the US’S R&B/Soul scene in the late 80?s and early 90s, which was very New Jack Swing focused, against the British scene, which seemed more rooted in traditional Soul and perhaps more reggae influenced. The two evolved in very distinct fashions, and by the mid-90s, the UK scene was much more dance/electro influenced(Massive Attack, trip-hop, and eventually garage/two-step, etc.) , while US R&B became obsessed with wanting to be Hip-hop (Jodeci, H-town, Silk, etc.) and I believe in response to that hip-hop embrace, we got the Neo-Soul Movement.

Today, music is just more global, but tracing those roots seems like it would be a great read. Really enjoyed this column, and I LOVE Jessie’s album.

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