Wild Beasts – “We Still Got The Taste Dancin On Our Tongues” Video

Wild Beats’ previous Two Dancers video for “All The King’s Men” was set in a mystical forest peopled with various fair maidens (and the band). Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull, aka Institute For Eyes, pilot us toward some actual wild beasts in this clip for “We Still Got The Taste Dancin On Our Tongues,” which we’re told is “a tale of insatiable lust, full of twisted bawdiness and louche adventures.” With that in mind, we find the guys floating on their backs in the presence of snorting, galloping horses. If the Institute For Eyes are referencing Zoo, its an interesting place to take this “insatiable lust.” If they don’t know the film? Hilarious.

Two Dancers is out via Domino.

Tags: Wild Beasts