Stereogum Now A Quartet

Back in January 2002 (remember teh Strokez?!) Stereogum got its start as Scott’s LiveJournal. By 2006 he’d grown the site to the point that I didn’t think twice about quitting my job as a lawyer to come on board [Sorry Mr. & Mrs. Singh! -Ed]; the next year we welcomed Brandon to the brain trust. And that’s been it: Three dudes working from their apartments in Brooklyn, with their cats and dogs and piles of promos — no offices, no interns, no daytime meetings, trying to cover the music we love as comprehensively as possible. (You are probably aware, but our parent company BUZZmedia handles the advertising that pays our rents … rest assured our writers have nothing to do with sales, as it should be.) Still we’re always wanting to do better, faster, stronger. Today we’re happy to announce a long overdue expansion to the editorial staff to make that happen: We’re going from three guys in Brooklyn to three guys and one lady from Brooklyn. Today Jessica Suarez joins the Stereogum team.

Jessica’s credentials speak for themselves. Maybe you’ve read her work at CMJ, Paper Thin Walls, Paste, Pitchfork, Revolver, or SPIN. Maybe you’ve watched her interviews at ABC’s Amplified. But you’ve certainly seen her here, filing Progress Reports for us as the site’s sole editorial freelancer for the last year and a half. Bringing Jessica on full time means being able to focus more extensively on the type of music you expect to discover from Stereogum. The content isn’t changing, it’ll just be better. Welcome aboard, J!