Phenomenal Handclap Band – “Baby” Video

After kitschy videos for “You’ll Disappear” and “15 To 20,” Phenomenal Handclap Band’s playful ’70s aesthetic takes a dark turn in this video for “Baby.” Director Stephen Agnew (who’s also got a Futureheads clip to his name), injects some serious Dario Argento references here, from the saturated color palette to the ritualistic/ceremonial set props. It’s a perfect reference — the Italian horror legend always bled over any lines separating kitsch and genius. It’s a bit slower (in a red-food-coloring-mixed-with-corn-syrup kind of way) and breezier than their previous singles, but that’s just fine for the video’s series of slow deaths.

Phenomenal Hand Clap Band – “Baby” (MP3)

The Phenomenal Handclap Band’s self-titled debut is out now via Friendly Fire Recordings .