Will Death Cab Get Their Float On?

From Entertainment Weekly’s 2005 Forecast…

Death Cab For Cutie
These indie-rock favorites have signed a sweet deal with Atlantic, but don’t fret, Seth Cohen: They’re no going all jiggy on you. “We don’t have any plans to remix with the Neptunes just to get a single on the radio,” jokes frontman Ben Gibbard. Still, the major-label cash isn’t going to waste. The Seattle quartet is relocating to a rural Massachusetts studio this spring to record the follow-up to 2003’s elegant Transatlanticism. “If we want to call in the London Philharmonic,” says Gibbard, “now we can.” Though Gibbard isn’t done writing, he says fans can expect a record that builds on Transatlanticism’s more expansive tracks. “My favorite moments are the ones that kind of move away from the verse-chorus-verse-bridge thing,” he says. “But I still want to write pop songs. If we have a song that resonates like [Modest Mouse’s] ‘Float On’ did, that would be great. We’d pat ourselves on the back for that.”

In the meantime, Ben fans should keep an eye out for the new Postal Service single We Will Become Silhouettes. It includes the b-side “Be Still My Heart” and two remixes: Matthew Dear’s take on the title track and a Styrofoam version of “Nothing Better.” A video for “We Will Become Silhouettes” directed by Jared Hess (Napolean Dynamite) is coming soon.

Nick Harmer’s hair always bugs me.