Nick Thorburn – “Gone Bananas” (Rough Mix)

About this time last year, Islands’ Nick Thorburn promised via a Progress Report to do a free solo album called I Am An Attic as a gift for fans. It was supposed to be part of a New Year’s Resolution, and, well, you know how those go. A year later, Thorburn seems to have some doubts, wondering over Twitter if his album is “total trash or worth releasing.” This little taste from the possibly-maybe new album points to the latter. The languorous transition from verse to chorus is especially sweet and summery.

Nick Thorburn – “Gone Bananas” (Rough Mix) (MP3)

Thorburn had sent in an MP3 with his Progress Report as well:

Nick Thorburn – “Used To Be Funny” (MP3)

I Am An Attic will be out sometime, probably. Ten more posts like this and it is out.