Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we heard new songs from Yo La Tengo, Frank Ocean, Ben Gibbard, Soundgarden, and Crystal Castles. We celebrated album anniversaries from Beck, Alice In Chains, and the Smiths. We ranked Big Star’s best songs and the Jesus Lizard’s best albums. We chatted with the Killers. And Grizzly Bear released our Video Of The Week. Here’s what you all had to say about it, for better or worse…



Craig Freeman | Sep 21st Score:11

I can’t comprehend a ranking of Replacement’s albums that doesn’t have Let it Be at #1. “Unsatisfied”, “Androgynous”, “Sixteen Blue”, etc. Pure genius.

I’d also move the other Twin Tone discs up above the last couple major label ones because I’ll always prefer the young brashness of them, but I can understand the ordering here based on the song craft.

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#9 hugh s | Sep 25th Score:12

i checked on google they can’t be raped that’s only something that happens to people

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#8 crania americana | Sep 21st Score:12

Why are you demanding that your father check out James Franco’s new band? Oh wait now I see: the band is actually named Daddy. Good thing I read the article mid-comment to clear up that confusion. Too bad I can’t use my backspace key. I’ll post this anyway.

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#7 Corban Goble | Sep 25th Score:13

not $orry

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Trevor Morrison | Sep 25th Score:13

The change from Midnite Vultures to Sea Change is one of the reasons Beck is my favorite musician (band?) even though it shows how clearly he can portray emotions in his music. One album he’s singing songs about the freakiest sex imaginable and JC Penney and in the next he’s written some of the most heartbreaking songs ever.

Dude. This album rules. Beck rules.

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#5 HartfordTheWhale | Sep 24th Score:14

You’re so right. Also, your opinion on music is clearly more compelling than the inherent and great subjectivity of music, or any art form, for that matter. Please, write a book proclaiming what are factually the greatest songs, albums, movies, books, and works of art of all time so we can all stop arguing about it because it will finally be decided once and for all.

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#4 crania americana | Sep 24th Score:15

Act now, Stereogum; the time is ripe for a Bon Iver albums from best to worst list. It would be short enough that no attention spans will be tested and it also will create a limited number of “What? No _______?!?!?” comments. Plus, it’s much more of a slam dunk than a 10 best Bon Iver songs list. No one wants to risk pissing off all of the diehard “Team” fans out there.

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#3 honlads | Sep 21st Score:19

Nailed it.

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Kevin Reed | Sep 21st Score:24

“And so, Stereogum continued it’s quest to rank every bands best album at number 3, hoping to dispel any beliefs they were in any way influenced by other “best of lists”. But lo, they failed to realize that those albums were ranked on top for a reason, because they were in fact the best of each respective band’s discography.

And shame did fall on Stereogum.”

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#1 mr. mayonaise | Sep 21st Score:25

I say this as a huge Pumpkins fan (obviously): Billy just can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that people aren’t responding to his new music, not because they “only want the hits” or they’re stuck in the past or whatever, but simply because his new music is just NOT VERY GOOD.

Look at Dinosaur Jr. They reunited in 2005 and put out 3 records that are beloved by DJ fans, because those records are just as good as their old records. If SP put out records as good as their old records, they would be beloved too. No one tells Dinosaur Jr to shut up and play the hits, because their new songs are just as good, and despite their own acrimonious past, you don’t see J or Lou getting all butthurt about playing old songs anyway.

Plenty of artists have found ways to outshine their past. Billy hasn’t. That’s all there is to it.

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#5 rubberjohnny0829 | Sep 21st Score:-8


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Scott Otto | Sep 24th Score:-9

saw this ‘band’ play at electric picnic in ireland last month. their set was 30 minutes too long (total set time thirty minutes) and they just embarrassed themselves. the lead singer thinks she’s way cooler than she is, but all the kids ate it up.

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Kevin Broydrick | Sep 27th Score:-10

paul, i tend to think of myself as generally a pretty objective observer. so you’ll forgive me when i jumped at the opportunity to bash this band. which i did primarily because i’ve always been baffeled by their popularity, even among people whose musical taste i respect.

it’s true they are probably my “most hated band”, but I’ve always felt that way because I’ve never (having tried multiple times) found anything in this music to make me feel more than that it’s just gross. And not like Lou Reed “Heroin” beautiful-gross, like locked inside a porta-potty on a hot day gross.

I just don’t like it man, and it’s because I think it is objectively terrible.

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Kevin Broydrick | Sep 27th Score:-12

I’m gonna go out on a limb here (this is not me trolling) and say I think Alice in Chains are not only completely overrated, but one of the WORST BANDS OF ALL TIME.

Every moment of this music is cringe-inducing to me, and this is from someone who likes a lot of their contemporaries within the genre.

Seriously though this fucking band is horrible, get it the fuck out of here…

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#1 miguelito1 | Sep 24th Score:-15

Good riddance. The last thing we need is one more band playing soft rock with a man singing like a girl.

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Kevin Broydrick | Sep 24th Score:5

I was in holding cell three, and that is not at ALL how it went down…

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Amrit’s out this afternoon. He’ll pick an extra clever comment next week.