Watch Andrew W.K. Play One Million Volt Keyboard Solo With David Blaine

I kinda stopped paying attention to illusionists when Gob Bluth was kicked out of the Alliance of Magicians, and while I do remember some aspect of that movie The Prestige involving Nikolai Tesla, I’m not entirely sure how being continually shocked by bolts of electricity produced by giant Tesla Coils qualifies as “magic.” No matter. I’d imagine it feels pretty good to run a million volts of juice through David Blaine, and Andrew W.K. got in on some of that action. As part of Blaine’s pointless “Electrified” stunt — in which the magician stands in a giant globe and is electrocuted for three straight days without sleep, food, or rest — Andy played a keyboard rigged up to those Tesla Coils, presumably because just watching some dude flick a switch lacked a showman’s flair. Naturally, A.W.K. was pretty stoked on this opportunity (going so far as to call it a “party,” believe it or not), as you can see in the video below. For the record, I’m still a huge fan of I Get Wet and The Wolf.

UPDATE: Full video of Andrew W.K.’s Blaine-shocking keyboard solo below.